Sound sensitivity at home

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How can I find a happy medium between too loud and unhappy family?

Sound sensitivity at home

Someone who has never had the experience of being deafened by a watch battery will not understand exactly how sound sensitive we can be. And kids (and sometimes spouses) do need their music at a certain level, so fun times can often turn into laughter that is painful for us, and squabbles into ear-shattering racket. Media headsets – especially wireless ones – can solve many problems, allowing your family their music while moving about freely, while giving you some precious quiet.



3/18/2007 6:31:40 PM
L. Little said:

I have found headsets for me, work better. Not only do I block out unwanted (un-needed)noise people know not to bother me with these on. Everyone gets along better than if they all had to wear them.

9/10/2007 4:55:47 PM
Karen said:

Even a concert for sensitive hearing can be helped with the use of good fitting earplugs.


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