Therapy for trigger point pain

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What can I do to help with the pain in my trigger points?

Therapy for trigger point pain

Pain from TrPs can be reduced by short period of rest, which will help to avoid strain and extra irritation. Slow, steady passive stretching of involved muscles, especially when under a warm shower or bath which, because of the bath's tendency to relax those muscles, will loosen the contractions. Moist heat over the trigger point can also provide some relief, as can cold packs on the pain reference zone (the area where the pain is felt as opposed to the Trigger point which is sending the pain signal). Massage is also helpful.



4/17/2007 12:56:46 PM
Dianne Carriere said:

Fibro has on Trigger points, only Myocascha has trigger points, We have TENDER POINTS .


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