Restless leg syndrome

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What is this discomfort in my legs? I can´t find a comfortable place.

Restless leg syndrome

The restless leg syndrome – a distinctly uncomfortable sensation in the legs that forces the person to keep moving them to find relief, can also disturb sleep. Some patients find that their muscles will sometimes jerk for no reason; others grind their jaws even when they are not suffering from tension. The resulting lack of rest leads to a condition referred to as “fibrofog” where the short-term memory malfunctions. Quinine is often prescribed for this. Even chugging the quinine water you use for gin and tonic provides relief.



2/4/2009 12:33:25 PM
Ellen said:

Quinine will NOT help Restless legs, you actually need to do an indepth study of Restless legs and correct your web site info! Try reading has to say about Restless legs and then PLEASE correct your Restless legs information, because what you have posted is completely wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!


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