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Question 1

How long have you been hurting?

At least a week.
For at least three months.
Only in the mornings when I first get up
Just since I got the flu.
You must have had consistent pain for at least three months before a doctor will consider a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Morning stiffness or temporary acute illness may feel like fibromyalgia, but are either rheumatism/arthritis related or should go away as you recover from your illness.

Question 2

Do you have a problem with memory?

I can´t think very clearly.
I can´t remember my first grade teacher´s name.
I can´t remember why I got up and walked across the room.
I can never remember my phone number.
Fibrofog is a short term memory problem. Your reasoning power is normally unaffected, unless you are feeling really miserable, in which case it may be hard to think - but this is not the usual way of things. But your long term memory and the things you have always had difficulty remembering are not a part of fibrofog.

Question 3

Have you suffered any kind of trauma lately, either physical or emotional?

I´m not sure
Most of the time the symptoms of fibromyalgia are triggered by some trauma, whether it be physical or emtoional. But for some it is brought on by long term stress, or just seems to appear gradually. Just because you can´t point to a specific trauma doesn´t mean you don´t have fibromyalgia.

Question 4

What is your recent sleep pattern like?

I sleep all the time, and can´t seem to wake up
I can´t seem to fall asleep at all
I´m taking naps when I never did before
I never feel as if I have properly been asleep - I keep waking at small things
The typical sleep disturbance associated with fibromyalgia is that sufferers never reach the deep, restorative stages of sleep. They may wake several times, or even exist in a sort of half sleep where you know you´re awake but can´t seem to move or act awake.

Question 5

How would you describe your muscle aches?

Sharp pains in the back
All over pain as if I were coming down with the flu
Aches in a few places that stay constant
Mostly my shoulders and back
Most people describe the pain associated with fibro as an allover achiness as though they were coming down with the flu - except that the feeling rarely goes away. Sometimes the pain will be more acute in one specific area but the allover general achiness never quite goes away.

Question 6

Do you have trouble figuring out if you´re too hot or too cold?

Most fibro sufferes claim that they have "broken thermostats". In other words, they may feel too hot when everyone else is cold, or freezing when everyone else is hot - regardless of how they are dressed. Women sometimes confise the sweats - which can be colr or hot - with hot flashes, but this symptom is found in women of all ages who have been diagnosed with fibro - and also in men.

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