Fibromyalgia Frequently Asked Questions

What can I wear when my body temperature seems to keep changing?

What bed clothing will help with my "broken thermostat"?

How can I relieve the "charley horse" kind of cramp?

How do I stop thinking so negatively?

How can I stop feeling guilty about things Iīm not getting done?

What do I do about others who donīt understand that Iīm honestly sick?

How can I raise my self-esteem when I feel so limited?

How can I manage to do everything I once did - or can I?

How can I get a more comfortable nightīs sleep?

How can I stop dwelling on all the things I canīt do anymore?

What is causing these charley horses?

What bed clothing will help me to sleep well?

Which fabrics will keep me most comfortable when dressing?

How did I get fibromyalgia?

Why did I get fibro and not everyone else?

How can I tell if my doctor will be the right one to treat me?

How can I find a fibro-sympathetic doctor?

How do I keep my muscles from cramping and stiffening?

How can I help lift myself out of a bad mood?

What can I do about clothing that hurts by the end of the day?

What memory aids can I take everywhere?

I sleep a lot, so why am I exhausted?

How can I express what I feel without getting boring?

How can I help my friends and family understand?

How can I explain without seeming to complain?

What can I do to help make a successful disability claim?

What if I need a pain pill in the middle of the night?

If I canīt remember a trigger does that mean itīs not fibro?

Is there a good way to lift myself from a bad mood?

What sizes and styles of clothing will be best for me now?

How can I stop feeling like Iīve become an idiot when I forget things?

Whatīs the surest sign that I have fibromyalgia?

How safe are the commonly prescribed pain medications?

What are the best types clothing for good sleep?

How can I deal with all the things I need to get done?

Can I help myself sleep better?

Is there a good system I can use for household upkeep?

What do my frequent Charley horses mean?

How can I keep from always getting stressed out?

Why do my senses suddenly seem so acute?

How can I be sure itīs FMS and not something else?

I am always too hot or too cold - what can I do?

Am I getting Alzheimerīs disease?

Why is my brain so foggy these days?

Why do I keep transposing letters when I write and type?

How can I keep peace at home when loud noises are hurting me?

What is this discomfort in my legs? I canīt find a comfortable place.

Are swollen glands normal with FMS?

What can I do about my restless legs?

What can be done when pain interferes with sleep?

How can I remember things Iīm going to need ?

What can I do about this huge weight gain?

Can exercise help with this weight problem I have?

Can my fingernails tell me anything about having fibro?

Can I do anything that will help me maintain a positive attitude?

What is the best fabric for a comfortable blanket?

Why do I keep getting vaginal infections?

How do I get rid of these scab-like things on my scalp?

How can I relieve this nausea?

Are my stomach problems significant?

What is making the inside of my mouth so sore?

How can I tell what things lead to a flare-up?

What tools will work best to make the house look better?

What can I do to keep my muscles from getting too painful?

How can I communicate to my partner that sex doesnīt interest me?

How come my temperature never seems to be normal?

How can I remember things I need to do?

Will the "pain patch" help me with my chronic fibro pain?

Should I worry about allergies?

How can I find a happy medium between too loud and unhappy family?

Is it normal for me to feel so depressed?

Is FMS real or am I just depressed?

How can I stop misplacing everything?

Is there a "best" way to lay when trying to sleep?

How can I stop constantly losing things?

What if my doctor doesnīt seem to believe in fibro?

How can I take an active part in my own treatment?

How can I deal with embarrassment over my fibrofog?

Why does my body seen out of sync with the actual temperature?

Why am I suddenly gaining/losing weight?

What can I do when Iīm both foggy and bored?

Will a hot bath help with this muscle pain?

Is the pain in my joints, my muscles - or in my head?

How can I best describe the muscle pain I get with FMS?

Can my computer work as a memory aid?

Why am I having trouble writing and typing?

Have I forgotten how to spell and write?

Is the pain in my jaw from muscles or from joints?

Why does my skin hurt?

Can better nutrition make me feel better?

What kind of doctor is best if I plan on applying for disability?

Will I need a lawyer when applying for disability?

What is important in finding a doctor to treat me?

What are the best shoe styles for someone with FMS?

How can I choose a shoe for best leg and foot support?

What do I do if my disabilty claim in denied?

Can I relieve my allergies without having to take more pills?

How can I minimze scrubbing on burnt pots and pans?

How can I avoid oven cleaning?

How can I stop feeling guilty because the house is messy?

What does my doctor need to know about my medications?

Why do things seem so loud and/or so bright?

How do I keep loud noises from driving me crazy?

Can I use essential oils to help with pain and sleep?

Is there a way to stop a charley horse from seizing?

What can I do to help with the pain in my trigger points?

How can I make laundry work less painful?

How can my doctor tell that I really have fibromyalgia?

How can I stop misplacing my keys?

Is there a way to tell if my doctor really knows anything about FMS?

How do I know if this new problem is fibro-related?

Should I sleep whenever I feel tired?

Can I do anything to relieve TrP pain at home?

Why did my doctor prescribe muscle relaxants? I need pain relief!

What are these taut bands of muscles that hurt when I press them?

Why do I suddenly have trouble holding small objects?

Why can I sometimes grip things firmly - but not always?

What can I do to help improve my sleep routine?

How can I cope with all my work without causing a flare?

What can I contribute to my own treatment?

Is there something to help me sleep without neck stiffness?

Am I sure this wonīt just go away?

What do I do about people who donīt think Iīm really sick?

What can I do about those sudden heavy sweats?

What do I do about ingrown hairs, fibroids and adhesions?

Am I a candidate for fibromyalgia?

Why did my doctor put me on Prozac if Iīm not depressed?

Will exercising help me or hurt me?

What good will a support group do?

Can I take anything to help with the weight problem?

Why doesnīt my deodorant seem to help?

How can I organize closets/cupboards for the least strain?

How can I carry a lot of stuff around without overtiring myself?

Who typically can successfully file for disability with FMS?

Why have my eating habits changed?

Which symptoms are fibro and which are allergies, or can you tell?

Is there one type of doctor who will be most helpful with my clai

How can I keep track of all the things in my pantry and refrigerator?

How can I get rid of all this clutter ?

How can I organize closets/cupboards for the least strain?

How can I travel light when I need more than my purse holds?

What type of doctor will be most helpful with my claim?

How can I improve the quality of my sleep?

Can an air purifier help with my allergies?

Can I ignore new symptoms if theyīre on the "typical" list for FMS?

Why di I need a family medical history?

Why wonīt my doctor prescribe stronger pain medication?

How can I organize closets/cupboards for the least strain?

Are there any jobs I really need to avoid?

How can I get the lids off stubborn jars?

Why should I bother getting dressed when I feel so lousy?

If I file with government & private companies can I collect from both?

Who can I ask about good doctors for fibro treatment?

How can I make dental work easier on myself?

How can I keep track of what meds I need to take?

Can an allergist help with my fibro symptoms?

What causes me to develop trigger points?

Can anything really bring relief from trigger point pain?

Why canīt I think straight? I got lots of sleep.

Does lack of sleep increase my pain?

Why do I seem to gain weight in the evening?

Why is the inside of my mouth sore?

How can I tell if this is a fibro headache?

Will massage help me? Or will it hurt?

Why doesnīt the doctor just give me sleeping pills?

Why wonīt my doctor prescribe s stronger pain medication?

What can the doctor do to help with my fibro symptoms?

What symptoms do doctors typically prescribe medications for?

What information will help my doctor make a correct diagnosis?

Are there any jobs I really need to try to avoid?

How can I organize closets/cupboards for the least strain?

What are trigger points?

Are there any home remedies for pain?

How can I adjust my waistband so that it is comfortable when I swell?

Why do I suddenly feel much worse than usual?

Why wonīt my doctor prescribe stronger pain medication?

Can a different diet help my fibrofog?

How can I remember where I parked?

How can I sleep when I keep having to go to the bathroom?

What is it that is keeping my muscles from moving freely?

Why does it hurt when I have to raise my arms to do something?

Can I use therapeutic bath devices to help the pain?

How can I relieve my dry mouth problem?

Does being on disability mean Iīm disabled?

What causes these vertical ridges in my fingernails?

I think this is where I seen A descption of fibro, but I can't find it now. It was explaining what the fibro means the my means and the algia means. I wanted to right it down but I can't find it . Any help would be appreciated. I love your sight , it has explained alot of things I didn't know. Than

Is a memory foam mattress more comfortable than a spring mattress for fibromyalgia patients?

What therapies are there for the treatment of fibromyalgia?

Recent Fibromyalgia Questions

Q. I went to my PHD the other day with an application for a handicap sign because I have fibromyalgia and everything that goes with it and he said that he couldn`t fill it out because fibro was not considered to be a handicap. What I wanted to know was if it was true or not? or should I go to my rhumy dr. and ask him about it?
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Q. I have nails with vertical ridges and no half-moons (except on the thumbs). However, I do not have what I would describe as any symptoms of FMS (fatigue, muscle aches, etc.). Should I be worried that I have it, or could the nail issue be from something else?
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Q. What kind of treatment is ther for fibro?
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Q. is there a cure for fibromalgia?If so what is the cure?
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Q. I have Osteoporosis --Arthritis------ disease of the gray matter of the brain - I am just 60 and the brain damage thing inclsive of TIA`s just happened out of the blue ???? My Dr. is exceptional. She is quite convinced that I have FIBROMYALGIA as well (do I NEED this????? !!! I would really like to know a bit more about all this - its all happened very suddenly - and there are very few days I am able to get out of bed etc. Cant even bath or shower !! Delightful isn`t it !!!! The pain (all over) choosing its place where it feels like touching the button !! is utterly excruciating at times and has me screaming in agony - that hasn`t happened in a while. Luckily for me I am hobby orientated and when things alllow I get on with my life. The State supplies my Ferrari (walker) and looked into the whole brain thing but basically they just dont know. I cant stand much at all - I know the arthritis in my back bone - that they found in hospital - but where so excited about the brain thing that not much else was looked at.
Medicinally I am on Tramadol and DHC Continuous for pain and obviously on various other "cocktails" - money is a HUGE Problem as we only emigrated to New Zealand from South Africa 3 years ago - and within a year I was hospitalized which luckily for us is totally subsidised. I thought I better fill u in on this before we even touch fibromyalgia - as there appear to be so many similar symptoms.
But OH HOW I WISH I COULD WALK ACROSS THE FIELDS AND BEACH AGAIN. hOPING U CAN HELP ME - I know there is a very good book on Fibromyalgia but our money goes on medication and that is just not feasible so I need to know as much as I possibly can. When I first got here they (1st Dr.) kept telling me I was depresed and needed counselling. Goodness me. blessings Dee Grondman 12 Kiano Place, Wai-o-taiki Bay, Auckland New Zealand 1006 PH: 64 09 521 3441 e-mail OR
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Q. Is Fibromyalgia real or is it a name Doctor`s use to say it`s all in your head? Why don`t some doctors believe in it?
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Q. I am 55, femail and taking a lot of medication including thyroxine and frusimide. I have now discovered that every nail has ridges and although they dontbreak lowdown they do break across. Any ideas as to cause and treatment please?
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