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BioPF Fibromyalgia

Twitter: @Fibromyalgiabio

Check this Twitter account for the latest on news, clinical trials, studies and findings on Fibromyalgia

MNT Fibromyalgia

Twitter: @mnt_fibromyal

This account, which goes by the name of MNT Fibromyalgia, posts interesting research and news articles on a regular basis. These include such topics as how pain and pleasure signals in your brain get interrupted if you suffer from fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia Forums

Twitter: @FibroForums

The Fibromyalgia Forums, run exclusively by volunteers, offer a variety of support for those in need of someone to talk to and rely on for their chronic pain.

Fibromyalgia Connect

Twitter: @FibroConnect

Fibromyalgia Connect through Alliance Health helps link together sufferers and their families. Example posts include how to set effective New Year's resolutions while living with chronic pain.

Karen Mattis

Twitter: @MyFibromyalgia

This account belongs to Karen Mattis, a California-based sufferer who devotes her Twitter account to posting about means of coping with fibromyalgia, including lifestyle shifts and medication.

Fibromyalgia Die

Twitter: @myfibrodiet

This account posts exclusively about what you can and should eat to reduce your fibromyalgia pain.


Twitter: @fibroaction

The FibroAction Twitter is a UK-based charitable foundation that spreads awareness, posts about studies, offers free newsletters, and posts relevant articles about the condition.

Reversing Fibromyalgia

Pinterest: @reversing-fibromyalgia

This doctor-run board by Liesa Harte should be a requirement for all fibromyalgia sufferers. Not only will you see supportive pins, but also medical research and advice.

Fibro Wellness People

Pinterest: @fibrowellness

This account links to multiple boards, all of which can help those with fibromyalgia. You can learn what to eat and how to exercise to reduce pain as well as read quotes and facts about the condition.

True Wellness Group

Pinterest: @truewellnessgr

True Wellness Group focuses on more than just fibromyalgia pain, but you will find that the various boards should appeal to you. For example, you can enjoy inspirational quotes, healthy living tips, and how to reduce stress.

Chronic Pains

Pinterest: @chronicpains

This board covers a variety of pain-related conditions, including fibromyalgia. The pins about the condition include how diet can affect pain, for example.

Carla Pennington

Pinterest: @Onelittlepeach/living-with-cfids-fibromyalgia

Carla's Pinterest focuses on living with chronic pain and how best to manage it. If you suffer from lack of sleep due to your fibromyalgia, then you will find this blog relatable.

Dawn Hern-Trosper

Pinterest: @dawnHernTrosper/fibromyalgia

Dawn suffers from the condition and has a board dedicated to it. Here, she posts inspiration and relatable images and quotes to foster a sense of community.

Nicole Makris

Pinterest: @nicolemakris/fibromyalgia-chronic-pain-2

Another fibromyalgia sufferer posts inspirational messages about persevering through chronic pain. She also offers a to-do list for those who feel mentally foggy due to their pain.

Just Jane

Pinterest: @ntrbutterfly/fibromyalgia-chronic-illnesses-educate-yourself-kn

This board focuses on a variety of chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia. You will definitely nod along while scrolling through the pins on this board, which include relatable images about dealing with pain and exhaustion.

Christie Keortge

Pinterest: @ebonyk43/fibromyalgia-is-real

Christie is another woman with fibromyalgia who bravely shares her struggles on Pinterest. She also posts about reforming your nutrition to reduce your pain.

Getting Healthy

Pinterest: @gwtwlw/getting-healthy

If you want to change your diet to reduce your fibromyalgia pain, then try this board. It has a bevy of advice and recipes that you can incorporate into your life today.

Fibro and Fabulous


Kimberly Linstruth-Beckom, a nationally known writer, has used her talents to put the spotlight on fibromyalgia since her diagnosis in 2005. The advice on this blog even led to the publishing of a book by the same name. Kim provides plenty of tools and resources for coping.

The Fibromyalgia Experiment


This blog, run by a young woman with the condition, offers information, advice, and support on dealing with chronic pain. Those who suffer and want a kindred spirit should read this.

Counting My Spoons


An Alabama mother named Julie uses this blog to document what has and hasn't worked when it comes to alleviating chronic pain. Julie's lifestyle swaps, from changing eating habits and more, can give sufferers ideas of what to attempt in their own life to get past their toughest and most painful days.

The Fibro Frog


The cutesy-looking Fibro Frog blog, run by Amy, deals with the reality of struggling with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia. The frog may be the only lighthearted aspect of this site, which takes a straightforward approach to dealing with symptoms and understanding the limitations of this condition.

The Invisible Disease


This sufferer keeps a regular log of her battles against fibromyalgia pain during her daily life. The female writer, Lynn-Marie, tries to keep some of her posts lighthearted as well. This blog can inspire connection and smiles.

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