Acquired dyslexia

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Have I forgotten how to spell and write?

Acquired dyslexia

Acquired dyslexia is not like the dyslexia that is commonly listed as a learning disability. What acquired dyslexia means is that you may suddenly find yourself transposing letters as you type or write. The brain is sending confused messages to your hands and fingers. Your reading and spelling ability is intact – it just refuses to translate to your hands. If you must compose and send out important documents try proofreading them backwards – last word first – and you will have a better chance to catch any errors.



8/15/2006 12:26:54 PM
kim said:

I'm glad to read this information. I have noticed some days I know what I want to type , but my fingers will type the letters backward. I feel better knowing why this happens, I can deal with it better. Thanks for the 411.


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