Triggering fibromyalgia

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How did I get fibromyalgia?

Triggering fibromyalgia

What causes fibromyalgia? No one really seems to know. We do know what triggers it – stress, a viral or bacterial infection, traumas such as a death in the family or an automobile accident. Why these events trigger fibro in some people but not in others is not yet fully understood. One theory is that we are genetically predisposed to develop it, because of some other physical abnormality.



7/26/2006 12:54:49 PM
Kimberly said:

One of the things I'm finding with most, if not all, fibromites is that they have some kind of hormone imbalance. A common factor is Thyroid disfunction. Another common factor I've found is abuse, whether it be physical, sexual, or emotional inflicted on the fibromite in their past.

10/4/2006 12:29:59 PM
BRandy said:

It was usefel! Thank you!
But i am still wanting to know, if you can get it genetically!?

2/13/2007 3:42:19 AM
Kimi said:

I agree with you, Kimberly. I didn't have problems with fibro until my ovaries were removed during my hysterectomy (I was 42 at the time) 3 years ago. It was like I ran into a brick wall and all of my hormones suddenly came to a dead halt! The intense pain from fibromyalgia came on quick following that and has not let up even for one day. OUCH!

8/3/2007 5:35:44 PM
toni said:

i have been told and have read that it can be,my nan has had symptoms for years but its only recently ive thought she has it and maybe my brother so i think so, also i had a horrible boyfriend 10yrs back who hit my head so hard on a door i ended up with a nasty bruise on my skull


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