Triggers without trauma

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How did I get fibromyalgia?

Triggers without trauma

While most people can point to some significant trauma that triggered the onset of severe fibromyalgia symptoms, some people cannot trace things back to any specific occurrence. This isn't unusual, as sometimes the problem is triggered by prolonged stress instead of an acute episode of some kind. Being able to point to a specific trigger can be helpful psychologically, as it may explain to you why you found yourself suddenly suffering from pain and fatigue – but not finding a trigger does not mean that you don't really have fibromyalgia.



6/29/2009 2:08:41 AM
Broken4 said:

I agree and live with fibromyalgia for almost 6yrs.
it is the worst thing I ever had to deal with. The worst is that is not the only thing I am living with
life is really hard with 9yrs old twins and a husband who really doesn't fully understand.


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