Fluctuating body temperature

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How come my temperature never seems to be normal?

Fluctuating body temperature

Unexplained, low-grade fever seems typical for people with fibro. Make a habit of taking and recording your temperature daily at a couple of different times. Many of us tend to have a regular body temperature that is abnormally low. This can mean that the standard "normal" temperature can feel like fever to you. If you typically read low, you want your doctor to understand this.



9/2/2007 4:35:59 AM
Sally said:

I often think I have a low fever during a flare. I take my temp with a thermometer but I'm usually 98.6 This would explain why.

10/12/2007 5:41:24 AM
Matt Cooke said:

I'm a male, 42, diagnosed about 3 years ago, but sick long before that. This fluctuating body temp can be really scary the first time it happens. My first experience with this was about 2 years ago. I got extremely overheated, stripped down to my underwear, then literally poured ounces of sweat while sitting in a 70 degree air conditioned house. I've had so many bizarre symptoms associated with fibro. And I'm unemployable, and unisurable at this point so I figured I'd just ride it out. After about an hour it turned to a nauseous cold sweat, and ultimately I passed out from exhaustion, very cold, under a few blankets. This phenomenon seems to occur more during fall, winter, and early spring. Interestingly my doctor has never mentioned these vast fluctuations. It seemes that we, the patients, really need to help the docs understand what is happening. Thanks for sharing this info.

9/11/2011 2:33:27 PM
Lydia said:

I experience this myself. But for several years I been running on fever. When I don't have fever my body temp is as low as 95.8 some times. But It's normal if you're anemic as well as I. Now the fever I cannot quite explain. Nor do the Drs care to send me for further analysis.. just got to wait to see what happens! BTW I'm 24yro with fibromyalgia, anemia osteoarthritis.. neuropathy diabetes kidney lung & liver problems.. migraines tension stress pressure cluster headaches & many other illnesses even hormonal imbalance.. which also contributes to low or high body temps.. I do have an elevated T4.. 13.5- 15 the Drs think its fine. Then it goes low so I really don't know what to think anymore!


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