Clogged hair follicles

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How do I get rid of these scab-like things on my scalp?

Clogged hair follicles

If you find that your scalp is itchy, and then when you scratch you seem to come away with tiny "scabs" under your fingernails then you probably have clogged hair follicles. The scabs are actually little plugs of hardened oil. Jojoba oil is a miracle worker here. You can apply it straight, let it sit for a while and shampoo out. Or just use a shampoo that already contains it. If you can't find that, you can add a tablespoon to your favorite regular shampoo – just make sure to shake well before using.



4/26/2007 3:46:27 AM
TTT said:

The age of this article suggests I shouldn't be optimistic of expecting a reply to this comment. However, it's significance urges me to post.
Is or has anyone experienced the problem of hair not coming through the skin layer and therefore lying flat under the skin? oem of these hairs can then cause hard tough skin layers to accumulate, clog pores with what is similar to a hard white shiny stone, and/or give birth to sebaceous cysts.

11/12/2008 5:38:03 PM
Holly said:

Almond oil works well too . I had really bad sections that I had to rub a little , but everthing "disolved " and after shampooing my hair was very shiny and full , plus , the hardened oil patches were gone !


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