Metabolism and weight changes

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Why am I suddenly gaining/losing weight?

Metabolism and weight changes

Scientific evidence suggests that fibromyalgia and CFIDS symptoms are due, at least in part, to abnormal cellular metabolism. This leads to abnormal weight gain and/or loss. We can discipline our metabolism to behave with more regularity by watching our eating habits. The nutrient most often found lacking is magnesium, and that deficit also contributes to Charley horses and other cramping. Too much calcium, and too many refined carbohydrates, can deplete our supply of magnesium.



9/28/2006 6:56:40 PM
rosetx said:

Do you have any suggestions re diet? And what sources do you suggest for magnesium? I have heard that the body can't use magnesium without calcium?? And have also heard that many of the supplements just wash through the body without being used?? I haven't got the money, time or energy to waste on some pill that is just going to be flushed.


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