Major weight gain factors

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Why am I suddenly gaining/losing weight?

Major weight gain factors

The average fibromite gains anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds with its onset. It is partially due to our lack of REM sleep – which leads to a general slowdown of our overall activity, which leads to weight gain. During Phase 4 sleep, the body releases the growth hormone that helps us to burn fat – but we rarely get to that phase. To some extent "fat burners" like Citrimax by Twin Labs, Alphalipoic acid (manufactured by Jarrow) and CoQ10 (Also Jarrow) can help with this problem, and so can cutting back on carbohydrates.



4/21/2007 2:04:55 PM
Dianne Carriere said:

I sure hope this is not true! I HAVE gained 20 lbs, but my dr says that is the medications I am on. Do you mean to say Im going to gain MORE wait?oh no! I cant wait !!!!!


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