It's not Alzheimer's!

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Am I getting Alzheimer´s disease?

It's not Alzheimer's!

Many people who realize that their memory seems to be failing them become desperately afraid that they are getting Alzheimer's disease. The bright spot is that if you know your memory is failing then it's not Alzheimer's. That very awareness is a hopeful sign that is is "just" common fibrofog - something you can learn to cope with.



8/1/2006 10:05:13 AM
rosemarylewis said:

i tried this, i took a leaflet for .ME.
as it contained all the symptoms that i had.
i was told "I don'twant to read a leaflet telling me what you think is wrong with you,i want you to tell me".about 2years later he sent me to rheumatology were i was told i had .FM. ROSEMARY.

11/1/2007 12:35:38 PM
Moxie said:

The absolute best treatment I've had for fibro-fog is taking Suntheanine. Since I've been taking it (200 mg. at night), I've slept better and had almost no fibro-fog. Found this in Dr. Teitelbaum's first book, from Fatigued to Fantastic, though I'm not a fan of his approach. I've found other brands of L-theanine don't seem to have the same potency or work the same. Not a commercial for Suntheanine, just for what works for me.

2/17/2009 8:53:45 AM
Mollie said:

Now when my 12 yr. old granddaughter asks if I have Alzheimer's, I'll know to tell her my fogginess is coming from FM.


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