Computers help us remember

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Can my computer work as a memory aid?

Computers help us remember

Use a computer reminder service to record important dates and appointments. One useful program is "Say the Time". People with fibrofog never seem to know what day it is, but this program will tell you hourly, on the hour. But better still, you can set an unlimited number of alarms to warn you of upcoming events that you need to remember – even to the point of an alarm to remind you to check the pot roast in 15 minutes – and 15 minutes later remind you to go do it.



10/11/2006 11:50:58 AM
toni said:

this is so true the other day i started to run a bath and yes totaly forgot it was almost over the top when i remembered, im forever forgetting things even mid sentance i ask people what was i saying!!

6/21/2007 11:27:12 AM
Sam said:

Their customer service is terrible. Even though they have contact information on their website, they do NOT answer emails. Ever.

It's a good product as long as you don't have any problems with them. And they charge full price for updates. A better program is SI-Metric Office which I found while trying to figure out why Say the Time wasn't working properly.


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