Middle of the night medicines

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What if I need a pain pill in the middle of the night?

Middle of the night medicines

Keep a carafe of water, and pain or other medications that you might need during the night, right by the bed. Often you can just barely wake, take the required pill, and lie right back down without disturbing your sleep too badly. It is far preferable to waking yourself to climb out of bed. Meds that are often needed in the night could include those for restless legs, indigestion, allergies and/or pain.



1/4/2007 1:10:02 PM
Jamie said:

This tip could be dangerous if the person doesn't wake enough to know what they need to take, and what they are taking.

1/14/2008 11:00:26 AM
kim lone said:

sleep and disoreintation go hand and hand. never put rubs in the same area as rubs. I drank a huge drink of camphor acohal.


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