Depression and FMS

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Is FMS real or am I just depressed?

Depression and FMS

Keep in mind that the doctor who says that you are depressed is probably right. But the depression isn't causing your pain – it is caused by it. Some people have dragged around to different doctors for months or years, only to get the shake of the head and the quick dismissal as a hypochondriac. Of course we're depressed! Being in pain and also being dismissed is reasonable cause.Don't let it drag you down. Find a doctor who believes in FMS and understands that it is real.



8/12/2009 2:39:44 PM
KAE said:

There is evidence that depression does cause pain. However, in the situation with FMS, the pain does cause depression. The pain of depression only adds to the situation. I do agree that it's best to find a dr who believes in FMS and understands that it is real.


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