Educate yourself and others

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What do I do about people who don´t think I´m really sick?

Educate yourself and others

Knowledge is power. If you and those close to you understand your problems, you can deal with them in positive ways. You may need to be quite blunt before others really grasp what you are dealing with. So get blunt.



6/16/2007 6:36:46 PM
Concetta said:

It's true knowledge is power. and the fact is sometimes some people just don't want the knowledge and prefer to be sick and a burrden. they want the attention weather positive or not. they chosse to be that way.
I run a support group and I watch people at my group and I can see the diffrence between the one that want the help and the ones that want the pitty. it's these people that slow others down.even at our meetings. they wine about how it's all about them only. well it isen't all about just you winers. get with the program and you will feel a little better. one step at a time.


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