Will your doctor listen?

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How can I tell if my doctor will be the right one to treat me?

Will your doctor listen?

Suggest to your doctor that you have been reading a lot about fibromyalgia and wonder if that might be the problem. Support your “diagnosis” by bringing him a checklist of fibro symptoms and showing how many of those you are suffering from. If he or she dismisses you – or tries to dismiss fibro as something unreal, you need a new doctor. But if yours is willing to listen and to be educated – even to admit that he or she doesn't know much about fibromyalgia then you've got yourself a winner.



1/14/2008 11:42:21 AM
kim&pam said:

I felt as if I was dieing of some horrible disease. I went threw so much pain in crazy places like my ribs and chest plate. the cramps seem to come from areas near glands. My Dr suggest that I was lucky my condition was not life threatening. I am still fighting, I am fighting to keep moveing. Sitting still only increase pain and tention. Pain pills are all my Dr offers. I have turned to herbs. I take different herbs and vitimins and rotate them. I take folate acid. cod liver oil, burdock, vit C, milk thistle. I eat lots of veggies. I take my pain meds to relieve some of the pain not all. Once my body gets use to a pain meds it won't work as well. I am trying to make due on low doses. I am hoping that my body can find its way back to normal on its own. I beleave lots of pain meds will have a lone term negative effect on my bodies health.


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