Quit losing those keys

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How can I stop constantly losing things?

Quit losing those keys

Try attaching your keys to a bangle bracelet that slips over your wrist easily, and wear them while away from home. Carrying them makes it all too easy to lay them down somewhere in the store, which can lead to literally hours of backtracking. When you return home, immediately put the keys in their proper place, even before you take off your coat. Make this a strict habit and you will never lose your keys again.



8/1/2007 1:26:46 PM
mary said:

I like the tip, but, those bangles are so big, noisy and can hurt your wrist having your keys hanging from your wrist. I bruise easily and the bruises look ugly and make me feel unkept. Is there something less heavy and bulky and less likely to bruise?


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