Loss of interest in sex

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How can I communicate to my partner that sex doesn´t interest me?

Loss of interest in sex

Basically, most people with fibro experience a loss of interest in sex. This really isn't surprising – very few people have a lot of libido when they ache and hurt and are exhausted, and when the problem is a chronic one, for which there is little relief. To make things worse – sex can hurt because it does involve stress on our connective tissues. You must make sure that your partner understands this, and doesn't blame himself or herself.



10/11/2006 10:11:41 AM

I was wondering if any one had any tips for dealing with this problem. Before fibro we had a wonderful sex life. we were married at 49, and it was like we were both around 30! Now we have relations about once a week, and most of the time I dont orgasm, even if my pain level is low as I have taken my pain meds earlier to avoid this problem. Im thinking it must be something else beside of pain. any comments?


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