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What are the Best Fibromyalgia Research Centers?

Advancements in fibromyalgia research are happening every day. If you or someone you love suffers from the disease, take a look at this list of research centers. The following institutions are working hard to improve the lives of people living with fibromyalgia:

  • University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan – This institution is among the ones to receive the most grants into fibromyalgia research. They have researched use of RINCE to minimize the effects of fibromyalgia, while they are currently looking into pain and stress management plus its effects on fibromyalgia. These are just a few of the projects they are working on.

  • UCSD Medical Center in San Diego, CA – currently conducting tests on the milnacipran (a new medication) on fibromyalgia patients.

  • NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland – Researchers in the institution are more about the pain and fatigue symptoms associated with this chronic condition.

  • University of Washington in Seattle, Washington – It is involved in a number of clinical trials but their most prominent is their research into the various subgroups of fibromyalgia.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown, Massachusetts – conducting various research with a lot of emphasis being placed on brain imaging.

  • Richard Roudebus VA Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana – Conducting a very interesting research in pain outcome by pitting together structured exercise vs yoga, with the focus on fibromyalgia patients of course.


How to Donate to Fibromyalgia Research

There are a number of organizations which are devoted towards fibromyalgia, but the following two are among the most trusted. Your donations to either of the two organizations will be a big contribution toward the improvement of the condition of fibromyalgia patients.

American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association (AFSA)

If you are particularly interested in your donation going towards research, your best option would be AFSA. This organization directs most (90%) of the donations they receive towards research projects geared towards improving the care of Fibromyalgia patients. AFSA was founded in 1994 and they have funded an impressive total of 35 research projects within this period. The organization has placed a lot of emphasis on having volunteer members to minimize the amount of contributions that are used to cover overhead costs.

AFFTER (Advocates for Fibromyalgia Funding, Treatment, Education and Research)

Another not for profit organization that can benefit greatly from fibromyalgia donations is AFFTER. This organization pledges a big chunk of its funds towards research into fibromyalgia, but they also put some emphasis on educating the community about this chronic condition. The group, which was founded in 1999, collects contributions through private donations and charity events. They have also funded a number of research initiatives into fibromyalgia with their latest research grant awarded to fMRI research. The fMRI research was aimed at the visualization and analysis of pain processing in patients with fibromyalgia.


What are the Leading Fibromyalgia Fundraisers?

In spite of getting close to no media coverage, fibromyalgia organizations tend to receive a lot of funding from well-wishers. Most of the funding is raised for research purposes while the rest go towards creating awareness of the condition. The leading fibromyalgia fundraisers are:

  • National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association – The organizations hosts the biggest national and international events alike, including community events such as walks, picnics, zumbathons, and dinners.

  • The Fibromyalgia Awareness Foundation – The organization has a rather unique approach to where their funding goes, unlike other organizations which are more focused on research, they mostly fund very needy fibromyalgia patients.

  • National Fibromyalgia Association – This is one of the biggest fibromyalgia associations in the country with a very large following. It hosts the most events spread throughout the United States.

  • The American Fibromyalgia Syndrome Association – Has raised more than $1.7 million in funding during its 14 year existence. Most of this was collected through grants while a larger chunk of it goes towards research.

  • FMA UK – This is among the biggest Fibromyalgia organization in the UK. They organize various charity events to raise funds and they even have their own magazine called the Fibromyalgia Focus Magazine.

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