Sensory overload

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Why do things seem so loud and/or so bright?

Sensory overload

Fibro often causes us to be hypersensitive to fluorescent lights (sound and flicker), bright lights, motion, sound, skin, heat and/or cold, electromagnetic sensitivity, odors (smell too much or too little). Lights seem brighter, sounds louder and more annoying – actually they are louder. Try coping devices like sunglasses, ear plugs, carrying a scented cloth to combat odor sensitivities, wearing soft fabrics that won't irritate over-sensitive skin. This hypersensitivity is part of what makes going out in public so exhausting.



8/25/2006 8:39:27 PM
kerri said:

I found this very helpful. For awhile, I thought maybe I was going crazy. I think that more people should be made aware of fibro and ALL of its symptoms. Most people that I talk to have never even heard of it before (including me).


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