Fatigue and that foggy feeling

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Why can´t I think straight? I got lots of sleep.

Fatigue and that foggy feeling

Fatigue can range from just feeling abnormally tired to feeling so exhausted that it's hard to move. Not only is the body tired, but the brain is fatigued as well, so that concentration is difficult and your short-term memory often fails you. Some doctors believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is closely tied to fibro; many people suffer from both. Despite naps and hours of sleep, the body never really gets to the restorative sleep stage and so feels unrested.



8/28/2006 7:25:56 AM
mistyblubell said:

I have recently been diagnosed with Fribomalagia and chronic fatigue (ME). I feel a positive attitude is important and helps me a lot to keep going. Stress and anxiety seems to make me worse so I do my best to keep away from it. Gentle exercise helps too. If I have things to do I mainly do itin the morning when having energy and pace myself though the day


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