Feeling like you've become stupid

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How can I raise my self-esteem when I feel so limited?

Feeling like you've become stupid

Fibrofog does not mean that you have lost any mental ability. You can still think and reason as well as ever, and if you took an IQ test chances are that your score will not have gone down. It simply means that you have problems with your short term memory. Think back to grade school – a long term memory – and chances are good that you remember a lot.



12/16/2006 2:59:05 PM
Jo Navarro said:

It is so true. Coming into the garage from the driveway yesterday, I couldn't find the door into the house. I had to sit and think for seconds before I could remember where it was. I now have to write myself messages and fill my calendar with notes to remember Anything! I am not stupid, nor am I suffering from dementia or Alsheimers, Just have a continual forgetfulness that is so confusing and irritating. Forgetting the word that I want to say and having to ask for help is embarrassing. Fibromyalgia is a disease that attacks your entire body, not just muscles. If only others could be told about it, as in Headlines in the paper or on the so called "24 hour a day news" programs. Let people throughout the United States realize what it is and let the news remain there during a few days so all can see it, not just a one minute offering at midnight. Thank you for letting me spout!

2/17/2007 11:18:54 AM
mariea said:

i'm just so glad that this site is here because before i was diagnosed i thought i was going crazy and other people just thought that i was lazy or just making excused and a doctor even told me that i needed a psychiatrist not a doctor my new doctor actually told me about this web site and now i don't feel alone anymore

12/27/2007 11:35:43 AM
Autumn said:

Fibrofog is just the worst!
It's so nice to hear the struggles of others, because I do feel stupid when I can't remember what I was saying, or can't find the word I'm looking for, or can't even keep track of a conversation! I feel bad for my partner, because he must think I never hear a word I say. I, too, keep a calendar with notes all over it! My new motto is, "If it's not written down, it won't happen!". How sad. I'm only 37-years-old. Mentally I feel 16, but physically I usually feel about 60. I hate being like this. I never feel like doing anything anymore, and must force myself to do everything, it seems. It's so much work.
I'm trying something different...I'm going to get as many chemicals out of my body as possible. All organic food, toiletries without chemicals, cleanse, the whole thing. It can't hurt, but boy is it expensive for someone like me with so little income. I'm desperate & will try anything...
Wish me luck!
I'm so grateful for the other people who wrote in.
Thanks for letting me know I'm not insane.

12/27/2007 1:54:40 PM
Holly said:

I agree with the other posters. I wish more people knew about Fibromyalgia and I wish people would treat me with more respect. At the Christmas dinner table , my sister contiually put me down for forgetting things in front of my parents guests ( my sister is 51 , I am 49 and I was there with my daughter) . My sister doesn't even want me to talk about Fibro because she is convinced that I dont really have it. my doctor and my rheumatologist have confirmed that i do . It just really makes me feel angry .

6/29/2009 2:19:00 AM
Broken4 said:

I go through this every day all day long. My kids laugh and my friends are what the hell and hubby well he deals with it. But I feel the worst. I'm driving down the street for get where I am going walk into rooms and dont know why. Call friends and don't know what for. its really sad.


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