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How can I help my friends and family understand?

Upbeat education

Try reporting different aspects of FMS as though they were interesting facts that you are discovering. Like "Did you know that the average person with fibro gains between 50 and 100 pounds after the onset of symptoms?" Reporting facts tends to be better received than reporting your aches and pains – so a fact sounds kind of interesting rather than like whining – and may explain why you want your partner to please turn down that stereo!



7/1/2006 1:46:57 PM
Dee said:

My partner has had a lot of trouble dealing with my illness. It is very important to keep the lines of communitcation open between each of you. We almost lost each other because we just didn't talk about how we were feeling. FMS changes your life and your partners life. In a way you both have FMS. The moral of our story was to talk, I now know how this has effected him and it helps me because I understand why he sometimes acts in different ways, so I can say to him " what's wrong, are you Ok today?". This communitcation has saved our relationship and I feel more support from him as well.

10/16/2006 5:17:02 PM
skt said:

My kids have a hard time with my fibro because I can go with them to the mall but can't do much there. They want to walk and walk and by the time they are done I am limping around. It is hard to make dinners for them too. Best I can do is order in some days. And then listen to them grumble that they like their dad better because he makes them dinner. These are teenagers....


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